Group Counseling Behavior Strategy


I LOVED this idea from the Elementary School Counseling Blog to use with my 1st grade boys social skills group. I created a good cup and a bad cup. The good cup has a picture of a happy puppy on it and the sad cup has a picture of a sad puppy on it. The cups look like this…


When students show good behavior in group (i.e. taking turns, giving each other compliments, being respectful), I put a chip inside of the good cup. When students show bad behavior in group (talking out, acting out, teasing), I put a chip inside of the bad cup. At the end of group, I dump out both cups and we count the chips together. For every good chip, we get 1 M &M. For every bad chip, we take away one of those M & Ms. So, if the group had 3 chips in the good cup and 1 chip in the bad cup, they’ll each get 2 M & Ms.

I tried this today in our first group session and it worked SO well. The boys were even telling ME when to put a chip into the good and bad cup, and were motivating each other to be good so that they could earn more M & Ms. I will definitely use this strategy for each of our 7 group sessions!


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