3rd – 8th Grade Bullying Handouts


This Bullying Circle Handout is based on Olweus’ bullying prevention program. I tweaked his wording a bit to make it more kid-friendly and added some pictures. I think that it does a great job of explaining that bullying is the different roles that individuals play in bullying situations and helps kids understand that bullying is not just something between a bully and a victim. It can create a powerful discussion about which side of the circle they would like to be on and can encourage them to become defenders. Be sure to use plenty of examples when explaining the different roles. It also helps to make up one central example (i.e. every time Joanna, a 4th grade girl, gets on the bus, Timothy, a 5th grade boy, trips her and makes her fall down the aisle. The whole bus ends up roaring in laughter and teases her for being “clumsy,” and a “klutz.”


This Bully Busting Handout is based on Trevor Romain’s video “Bullies are a Pain in the Brain.” I LOVE Trevor’s videos and have used them for several of my lessons. In his video, he describes 5 ways that kids can put a STOP to bullying, or be “bully busters.” I’ll use this handout with the students after we watch the movie to process the ways to stop bullying. We’ll discuss examples of situations in which these strategies might be effective and why they might be helpful.



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