Bucket Filling Lesson and Bulletin Board


At the end of last year I asked my principal for a bulletin board that I could use to display student work, information about upcoming events, etc. My principal came through and got me a beautiful, and HUGE, board! I am thrilled to use it and think it will be a great PR tool for me!

For my first bulletin board, I really wanted to post the gorgeous and adorable buckets that my 1st and 2nd grade students created last year. We read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud (a counselor ESSENTIAL – if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do!). To sum it up in a couple of sentences, bucket fillers are people who do and say kind and respectful things for others. The story gives a GREAT, easy to understand visual and teaches students to be bucket fillers rather than bucket dippers (dippers “dip” from the buckets of others by using mean and disrespectful words.) For added effect, I decorated this big blue bucket and brought it around with me to my classes.

Image To help my students better understand what a bucket filler is, we sang a chant together in a circle. We all chanted, “Bucket fillers, bucket fillers, what do they do? Bucket fillers like to…” and then the students took turns, according to the order of their circle, stating something that a bucket filler likes to do. Responses ranged from helping mom cook dinner to telling my sister I love her to helping my teacher collect homework. I encouraged each student to share a DIFFERENT thing that bucket fillers do so that we had a wide variety of examples. Then, we went back to our desks and filled out these bucket filler pages.


The children wrote beautiful descriptions of when they are bucket fillers, decorated them so nicely with their crayons, and cut them out.



I was dying to display these around school at the time, but didn’t have a bulletin board. Luckily, now I do! I used sparkly scrapbook paper from Michael’s, sparkly garland, and lots of butcher paper to create this bulletin board. I free-handed the bucket based on an image I found online and am extremely pleased with how it turned out! Seeing how well this turned out really filled my bucket! 😉



I also displayed even more of the students’ beautiful buckets in the hallway leading to my office.

ImageHappy Bucket Filling! 🙂


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