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Anger Management Worksheet


I receive A LOT of referrals for anger management every year – especially with 3rd and 4th grade boys. I really like the ideas found on this website and thought that they did a great job of explaining WHY so many children are angry, and what is lying behind their anger. It is CBT-based and also offers coping strategies and tips to make their thinking patterns more productive and positive.

I used that website as a guide and created this 5 Anger Distortions Worksheet¬†for use with 3rd and 4th grade students. It breaks down each of the five (I combined global labels and overgeneralization) anger distortions into a picture and a simple description. It then provides space for students to share “An example of a time that I used this distortion is…” and “What I can do differently next time is…” This worksheet could lead to a great discussion of the distortions that students use the most often, why they lead to anger, and how we can change our mood by changing our thinking.