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New School Year Flyer!


Happy New School Year, y’all!

Long time, no post…I know, I know! Things got so busy last year that unfortunately my blog had to take the back burner, but I hope to post several of my ideas and projects here in the coming weeks! We start school very early here in Tennessee – the students’ first day was August 1st! So, I’m very jealous of all of you that are still enjoying the summer sun. 

I wanted to share this flyer with you all that I created to give to parents at Open House. I thought it was a great PR tool to help parents understand my role and how I can support them and their child. I wrote an English and Spanish copy and left them in the hallway with a, “Parents, take me!” sign. I also posted this document to my school website so that it can easily be accessed online (although most of our parents do not have computers or an internet connection!) I placed the leftover flyers in the front entrance of our school for parents to grab as they come in/out during the hectic first week of school. 

Hope this is helpful as you begin your new school year planning!