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“Meet Your Counselor” Game – Back to School Lesson!


With my 3rd and 4th graders, I wanted to do a “Meet Your Counselor” activity that would be more mature and developmentally appropriate than the School Counselor’s First Aid Kit activity. I found this game on Savvy School Counselor‘s blog and thought that not only would it be fun for the students, but it also did a really great job of introducing my role and responsibilities to the students.

Materials Needed:

  • Game cards (see below, at least 1 per student)
  • Two bells (or another object that students can use to “buzz in” and answer the question)

  •  Toy basketball hoop and soft ball (I borrowed this from our PE  teacher who had it in his supply closet!)

I started by creating the game cards. I thought of true/false, fill in the blank, and open-ended questions that would help the students become more familiar with my role and the ways that I can help them. Here are the cards that I created…of course you can alter these to fit your school and your specific role!

So, here is how the game works…

I will divide the class into two teams. Then, I will ask one representative from each team to come to the front of the room, and one student will  choose a game card from the pile. I will display the card on the Elmo projector and read it aloud to the students. Once I finish reading the question, the two representatives will try to be the first to “buzz in”/ring their bell to answer the question. If the student doesn’t know the answer, he/she can ask his/her teammates for help. Students who answer the question correctly will earn 1 point for their team. After students answer the question, I will explain the answer and add any additional detail that would be important for them to know.  Then, both students will have a chance to score a bonus point for their team by shooting a basket into the basketball hoop that I have set up (this is just a way to keep the game more fun and exciting!). We will keep playing until we run out of cards and each student has had the chance to answer at least one question.

If you have any ideas for game cards to use or ways to improve this game, please let me know! As always, I’d love to hear your feedback! 🙂