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1st Grade Behavior Plan


I am working with a female 1st grader who is very defiant and disrespectful of authority. She physically and verbally bullies other children and needs to be the center of attention at all times. After meeting with her teacher and her mother, I developed this behavior plan to use with her.



First, I will meet with her individually and talk through the 3 behavioral expectations on the back of her behavior plan card. We will talk about what each of them mean and talk through examples of how she can show her teacher that she is meeting these expectations. Every Monday morning, her teacher will talk through the expectations with her and ask her to circle 1 reward for the week. If possible, the teacher will review the 3 expectations with the student at the beginning of each school day. At the end of each day, the teacher will assign her either a “smiley face” – (I followed all 3 rules MOST of the time) or a “sad face” – (I did NOT follow all 3 rules most of the time) for the day, Monday – Friday. For Week 1, if she earns 3/5 “smiley faces,” she will earn the reward of her choice. For Week 2, if she earns 4/5 “smiley faces,” she will earn the reward of her choice. And for Week 3 and moving forward, she will have to earn 5/5 “smiley faces” in order to earn her reward. If she has met her “smiley face” goal for the week, she will come to the counselor’s office on Friday afternoon to discuss her behavior and receive her reward. If she has NOT met her “smiley face” goal for the week, she will come to the counselor’s office to discuss her behavior but will NOT receive her reward.┬áSince this child is very attention-seeking, I hope that giving her this extra reward and one-on-one time with the counselor will make a difference in her behavior.

Have you tried any behavior plans like this before? If so, have they been successful? I’d love to hear from you! ­čÖé


Group Counseling Behavior Strategy


I LOVED this idea from the Elementary School Counseling Blog┬áto use with my 1st grade boys social skills group. I created a good cup and a bad cup. The good cup has a picture of a happy puppy on it and the sad cup has a picture of a sad puppy on it. The cups look like this…


When students show good behavior in group (i.e. taking turns, giving each other compliments, being respectful), I put a chip inside of the good cup. When students show bad behavior in group (talking out, acting out, teasing), I put a chip inside of the bad cup. At the end of group, I dump out both cups and we count the chips together. For every good chip, we get 1 M &M. For every bad chip, we take away one of those M & Ms. So, if the group had 3 chips in the good cup and 1 chip in the bad cup, they’ll each get 2 M & Ms.

I tried this today in our first group session and it worked SO well. The boys were even telling ME when to put a chip into the good and bad cup, and were motivating each other to be good so that they could earn more M & Ms. I will definitely use this strategy for each of our 7 group sessions!