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Weekly Homework Chart


Weekly Homework Chart

I am working with 8 4th grade boys who struggle with homework completion, motivation, and overall academic achievement. We use this Weekly Homework Chart¬†as a way to monitor our progress in homework completion and earn rewards. For each assignment that students complete, they earn a sticker in the “sticker” box. If that subject area did not assign homework, the teacher leaves the “sticker” box blank. If the subject area assigned homework but the student didn’t complete it, the student earns an “X.” I meet with the students on Friday’s and we review their homework completion for the week. Those who have not had any missed assignments all week get to choose a prize from the treasure chest and are one step closer to earning the final prize – an ice cream social! Students who have completed 90% of their assignments by the end of the 6 weeks will participate in an ice cream social. Students are expected to share their homework chart with their parents and make sure that their teacher assigns them a sticker or an “X” in each subject area.

Have you tried homework charts like this before with your students? Have they been successful? Any suggestions for things to add/take away from mine for use with future groups?